An improv theater format co-created and performed by Mona Thompson and Shara Tonn.

A list of paint supplies, descriptions of dreams, famous quotes, start-up ideas--every note has a story. In this format, Mona and Shara improvise scenes and stories inspired by the things you wrote down in your phone and completely forgot about.

Mona and Shara created this format as a way to open little windows into the lives of audience members. They (with permission) use notes audience members have written in the notes app of their phones to inspire scenes. They have performed this format in San Francisco, San Diego, Norway, Finland, and The Netherlands.

“Every year, I feel like I just fall head over improv heels over a specific team for one reason or another. This year, that team was Mona and Shara Do Improv. Whether it was their form, their first mind-melded scene, or some je ne sais quoi they have but enjoyed their set as much as any one during the entire festival. They performed with such ease and grace, and all we we had to do was sit back and watch.”

- Michael Romero at the San Diego Improv Festival (full review here)